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Outdoor Ethics: The Essential Principles of Leave No Trace

Hey adventurers! Let's talk about doing adventures the right way. As lovers of the wild, we have a responsibility to leave those incredible places better – or at least as good – as we found them. That's where "Leave No Trace" comes in, a set of guidelines that help us minimise our impact and preserve outdoor spaces for all. Ready to become an outdoor ethics pro?

Leave No Trace: The Big Picture

Imagine pristine wilderness...and then imagine a pile of trash smack in the middle. That'd be a bummer, wouldn't it? Leave No Trace helps prevent that! It's about being a good guest in nature's home, and here are the core principles:

  1. Plan Ahead and PrepareResearch your area and potential hazards. Pack for the trip, not for your wildest survival fantasies! This keeps you safe and reduces unnecessary gear ending up outdoors.
  2. Travel and Camp on Durable SurfacesStick to trails and designated campsites. Wandering off-trail tramples fragile ecosystems. Need to go off the beaten path? Spread out to reduce impact.
  3. Dispose of Waste Properly"Pack it in, pack it out" is the golden rule. This includes food waste – a stray banana peel isn't natural! For human waste, know the rules of your area (cat holes anyone?).
  4. Leave What You FindRocks, plants, cool sticks... they belong where they are. They're part of the ecosystem, plus imagine if everyone took a souvenir! Photos are the best takeaway.
  5. Minimise Campfire ImpactsCampfires are magical, but can turn destructive fast. Use existing fire rings, keep fires small, and make sure they're dead out before leaving.
  6. Respect WildlifeWatch them, don't chase them! And never, ever feed wild animals. You don't want to turn a cute critter into a problem for rangers.
  7. Be Considerate of OthersShare the trails, keep the noise down, and model good behavior. We're all out there to connect with nature, let's make it enjoyable for everyone.

Leave No Trace In Action

At Fjern, we love exploring awesome places. Leave No Trace ensures those places stay awesome! Here's how we can weave it into our adventures:

Durable Gear: Fjern kit is built to last. By choosing well-made gear, we reduce waste and the need to replace it often.

Sustainable Practices: From packaging to materials, we aim for eco-friendly where we can. Leave No Trace is an extension of that mindset!

Sharing the Message: Talk Leave No Trace with your trail buddies. Leading by example is powerful.

Let's Make an Impact (Without Leaving One!)

Leave No Trace isn't about restrictions, it's about freedom – the freedom to keep exploring amazing landscapes for generations to come. With a little mindfulness and respect for the outdoors, we can all be ambassadors for a wilder, healthier planet.

Fjern Gökotta Tent bathed in the soft glow of sunlight, silhouetted against a Dolomite cliff and a sea of churning clouds below

Want to learn more? Check out: The official Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics:


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