About Us


At Fjern we know what it’s like to be wet and cold because your kit couldn’t handle what Mother Nature decided to dish out. We set out to make an essential range of kit to keep the elements at bay, with an unwavering focus on end use in our design and alpinism at its heart.

Drawing inspiration from kit we’ve used and abused over our combined 150 years in the Outdoors, Fjern was created by a group of UK based passionate outdoor enthusiasts with lifetimes of experience as mountaineers, skiers, hikers, mountain guides and climbers.

With a strong belief in the Nordic mind set - that the outdoors is there to be enjoyed by everyone, whatever the weather. Our love of the remote and untamed parts of the world gave us the name Fjern.

So, whether it’s your first climb or your 100th, Fjern will be there to take you BEYOND BOUNDARIES.

For any product or company queries you can reach us at support@fjern.equipment