Dupont Teflon Down Care Instructions

Dupont Teflon Down Care Instructions

Down relies on air to retain warmth, so it’s important to allow your garment space to breathe when you’re not wearing it. Do not store it folded or tightly packed, and if your down gets damp, air it thoroughly and make sure it’s dry before storing away.


Down is best washed only if necessary, as it’s essential to make sure the down is completely dry and this can take a few hours. If your garment is showing signs of dirt or sweat, or the down is starting to lose loft or clump, it’s probably best to give it a wash.


We would recommend using a Down specific detergent, for example Nikwax Down Wash Direct.


  1. Hand or machine wash on a gentle 40°c cycle. It’s recommended to use a second rinse cycle to remove any residual soap.
  2. Remove your garment from the machine and carefully shake off any excess water, supporting the weight of the garment as it will be heavier than usual.
  3. Dry your garment in a tumble dryer on a low heat setting, checking it at regular intervals. It’s a good idea to add dryer balls or a tennis ball wrapped in some socks, to aid in the loosening of the down. You will also need to manipulate the down within the baffles to restore loft.


Ensure your garment is completely dry before storing to avoid clumping or mould.


We ensure that all our Down is ethically produced and RDS certified as being from non-live pluck sources.