When purchasing your item from a registered stockist you enter into a contract of sale with them. If you experience a problem with your FJERN product, and the item is less than a year old, we would recommend contacting the stockist first as they will have a warranty & returns policy in place to provide a hassle free service.


Outside of your warranty with the stockist, all products come with a guarantee that covers the original owner, with proof of purchase, for up to 2 years. We are aware that from time to time faults can appear. Should a product fail due to defects in workmanship and/or materials, we will firstly endeavour to repair the item. We're keen to avoid landfill, so this would be our preferred option, however if the item is unrepairable we will replace the garment at our discretion. All claims will be judged on a case by case basis.


Failure to produce proof of purchase invalidates your warranty/guarantee.


Products which are damaged as a result of accident, wear and tear, improper care or negligence, or the natural breakdown of materials over time are excluded from warranty/guarantee. In these situations we are happy to help organise a repair where possible, at the customers expense.


Please contact us at support@fjern.equipment for any further enquiries